Stepping Stones: A Therapeutic Adventure Activity Guide

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PIC.PA Stepping Stones Cover.jpg

Stepping Stones: A Therapeutic Adventure Activity Guide


Edited by Peter Aubry

This activity guide is intended to be a resource for anyone implementing adventure with at-risk, alternative school or therapeutic populations. The activities are designed to support programs that seek to: remediate or increase social skills, improve behaviors, support recovery from mental health issues and support students who have been unsuccessful in traditional educational settings.

Intended for use in a variety of settings, including: juvenile halls, court schools, alternative schools, residential treatment programs, psychiatric places and youth ranches.

Desired results of this guide, containing more than 100 activities are to provide opportunities for participants to:

* Understand and contribute to the development of Full Value Contract.
* Manage and assess behaviors in alignment with the Full Value Contract.
* Demonstrate an ability to set and achieve appropriate group and individual
* Demonstrate the ability to form positive relationships.
* Develop appropriate responses to one's own, and others' emotions.
* Demonstrate the ability to be accountable and to make appropriate and
responsible decisions.
* Develop and/or enhance empathy for others.


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