What type of credentials/training does your staff have?
Each staff member has a minimum of one year of ropes course experience prior to being hired and annually attends skills refresher trainings. Each facilitator holds current certification in First Aid and CPR by a nationally recognized organization and has experience working with school-aged populations in a variety of settings. Aside from their challenge course credentials, many of our staff have training in social work/therapy, classroom teaching, special education or other relevant fields.

Can I get a proposal to present to administrators to attain funding?
A: Yes. Just call the Youth and College Programs office at (978) 524-4558 or email info@pa.org, and we will develop a proposal based on your group’s needs.

Are your challenge course activities dangerous?
PA has a better safety record than most traditional sports, including soccer and basketball. Safety is our highest priority, and although our activities are adventurous, all of our activities are designed to be inclusive regardless of physical ability. We are accredited by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) and the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

How will this Adventure experience relate back to our program?
We custom design our programs to support your group’s specific goals and needs. Beyond community building and group camaraderie, our facilitators interweave relevant concepts and metaphors into the group’s activities to maximize participants’ learning and connections. Many of our clients have found pre- and post- activities useful to extend these connections beyond the programming day.

What can I tell my students about Project Adventure?
An experience at PA is an opportunity to challenge oneself to try new things, have fun, problem solve and work together as a team. PA facilitators encourage discovery of all kinds: one’s strengths, new skills, making friends, learning new things about peers and so much more.

Do you accommodate overnight programs?
Yes, we offer the following options:

Small groups may choose to camp on our rustic and beautiful campus. We provide a port-a-john and water source, and the group provides tents and camping equipment. Please call for more information and pricing.

Yurt Camping
Small groups (20 person maximum) may choose to use our yurt, a large one-room cabin-like structure. The group must provide camping equipment. Please call for more information and pricing.

When your facilitators are leading the group, what is my role?
The PA staff work most effectively in a partnership with you and your staff. During PA activity times, we take the lead on briefing and debriefing the group experience, and in managing the physical and emotional safety of the group. We look to you and your staff to help make the connections clear for the students, to handle behavior incidents and for student supervision during non-PA activity times. At the beginning of the program, we have a short check-in with you and your staff to help clarify those roles and expectations. Prior to your program date, we also provide written information to help clarify the program and your role. We ask that you share this information with any adults who will be accompanying the students.

What if some members of my group do not have health insurance?
Health insurance is required for all participants, including adults. If a student or adult does not have insurance, we will sign him/her up on our policy for $5.00/day per person. This additional charge will be reflected on your final invoice after the program.

What should we bring/wear to an Adventure experience?
PA provides all the necessary equipment; you do not need to purchase any special items. Appropriate clothing (see below) and a water bottle are all that you will need to bring.

To enjoy the program and stay safe, all participants should come dressed appropriately for the weather, with an additional layer in case the weather changes and gets colder. If rain is in the forecast, participants should be prepared. All clothing should be loose and comfortable and OK to get dirty. All participants must wear close-toed shoes or sneakers. For winter days, it is important that all students wear hats and gloves; long underwear is recommended. We have limited indoor space to retreat to if it’s very cold.

What if it rains?
Please note that most programs can be safely implemented in rainy weather, and it often adds to the experience! Let your group know that we will run the program in all but the most severe weather, so they should come dressed ready to be outside. In the event of lightning/thunder or other severe weather, we can agree to postpone the program on that day. For questionable forecasts, PA’s Lead Facilitator for your program or Youth and College Program Coordinator will make a decision by 6 a.m. on the morning of the program. In such severe weather cases, we will postpone the program to another day and your deposit will be applied to the new date.

What do I need to do to book a program? Is a deposit required?
We require a 50% deposit for the total estimated cost of your program to reserve the date. We will send you an estimate of costs and the amount we are expecting for a deposit. Once we have received your deposit, your date is confirmed. If you have any questions or think there is an error in your proposal, please contact us. Please note that we accept purchase orders.

A final invoice based on exact costs will be sent following delivery of services. The balance due is to be paid within 30 days of invoice date.

Deposits are refundable only if cancellations are made, in writing, prior to 4 weeks of the start date of scheduled services.

What if I need to cancel?
The following is our cancellation/change policy:

Cancellation fewer than three weeks before the program:
We begin program planning and hire the staff to work on your program as far in advance as possible. Because of the time spent, expenses incurred, and the reservation of facilities for that day, your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the program date within 21 days (0-21 days) of the scheduled date. If we have not yet received your deposit, you will be billed for that amount.

Cancellation three to four weeks before the program:
For cancelations between 22 and 28 days before the scheduled program date: your deposit will be applied to an alternative program date. If we have not yet received your deposit, you will be billed for that amount.

Cancellations more than 28 days before the program: 
Your deposit can be refunded if you cancel the program in writing.

Changes in the number of participants
If your participant numbers drop lower than the contracted amount within the two weeks prior to the contracted program date, the original estimate on the deposit invoice will still apply. If your participant numbers go up, you will be charged the additional per student rate on the final invoice. If your fee is determined on a per facilitator rate, depending on the numbers of additional students, you may be charged for one or more additional facilitators. However, please contact your client representative in this case to ensure that PA will have adequate staffing available for the program. In the rare event that we cancel a program due to weather or other considerations, any and all fees or deposits we have received from you will be returned.

Where can I get more information? 
Click on one of the following links for more information: