Project Adventure's Comprehensive Adventure Program for Physical Education is a structured, research-based program that improves physical well-being, social skills and behavior in K-12 students.

Choose or combine three program components that meet state and national standards:

1. Adventure Curricula for Physical Education, K-12

Social and Emotional Skill Development and Motor Skill Development through unique, adventure-based physical activities.  This model is complementary to traditional PE units, and can incorporate low and high element challenge courses.

Core Themes:

  • K-Grade 5: Working together, Safety, Respect for Self and Others, Conflict Resolution
  • Grades 6-8: Respect for Differences, Problem-solving, Self-esteem, Compassion
  • Grades 9-12: Leadership, Creativity, Risk taking

2. Achieving Fitness, Middle School and High School

Health-related fitness activities and content that focus on:

  • Moderate to vigorous levels of activity consistently achieved and maintained through cooperative and adventure-based activities
  • Activities that transform getting fit into something fun and achievable
  • Cognitive content about health-related fitness and assessment tools to track student learning, including a student journal for reflection and the option of Physical Activity "homework"

3. Creating Healthy Habits, Middle School

An experiential/activity-based approach to incorporate with traditional health curricula

Developed to specifically support prevention by training students to "Think, Choose, and Act," this program will enhance the participation in and enjoyment of traditional health curricula.  Activity -based group lessons that can be easily facilitated in the classroom address:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Nutrition