Maillon Rapide (Rapid) Links (Standard)


Maillon Rapide (Rapid) Links (Standard)

from 5.65

Commonly called rapid links, these strong connectors are widely used on challenge courses. For the highest quality we use only authentic Maillon Rapide links. The hexagonal sleeve can be tightened down with a wrench to combat vandalism. The 12mm size is also available in stainless steel for joining the K-1 Belay Pulley and the Klinesaver.

Size/Safe Working Load: 10mm (7/16") 1000 kg, 12mm (1/2") 1500 kg, 14mm (9/16") 2200 kg, 16mm (5/8") 2900 kg

7/16" #J71200

1/2" #J71201

9/16" #J71204

5/8" #J71203

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