Maxim Dynamic Rope


Maxim Dynamic Rope

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Dynamic ropes are designed for high-impact loads and provide a measure of "cushion" which limits the force on anchor points and the climber. An all-around performer that is traditionally understood to be the perfect mix of weight, impact force and durability. This is an exceptional rope at an excellent price. 

11mm - Use Dynamic rope for belaying/belayed activities/elements.
This rope is NOT to be used for a Flying Squirrel or Swingshot haul rope...see KMIII Max Static rope. NOTE: Current color for 11mm rope is DARK RED with bright RED and YELLOW markings.

Diameter: 11 mm
Average Tensile Strength: *over 5,000 lb
Static Elongation: 4.8% @ 80 kg


9mm - Used for Swiss Seats and Studebaker Wraps. Most adults require between 26' and 32' to tie a Studebaker. 9 mm rope should not be used as a belay rope in challenge course applications. NOTE: Current 9mm Rope COLOR is BLUE & GRAY with YELLOW markings.

Diameter: 9 mm
Static Elongation: 7.0% @ 80 kg



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